About us.

Happy Customers

Most of our customers have little to no experience handling the design, development, and deployment of a website. We're committed to supporting you through the entire process.

Team Support

Customers have enough to deal with running a business and the last thing they want to face is website issues. We provide clients the tools necessary to be successful on the internet.

Site Security

Websites have their perks, but the downside are individuals who have negative intentions. Part of our mission is to ensure your site is operational, safe, and secure from bad actors.

Competitive Pricing

Nothing is cookie cutter or one size fits all. Our work is custom and based on many facets, and some can be complex, so we work closely to meet your project needs and specific budgeting.

Business Profiles

Having an online Google or Bing business profile is vital to the success of your business. Code Neutron can build and integrate these into your website to enhance your SEO results.

Marketing & Data

Our team can take your business to the next level using high level marketing campaigns and SEO search engine optimization to organically capture and increase new sales opportunities.

Here are some of our skills

We ensure our clients have the best possible support so they can focus on the most important thing, their business and customers!
Website Design
Site Development
Digital Marketing
Social Media



Craig Castle –

Founder Code Neutron Technology

Our history and mission.

Since his childhood, Craig has been captivated by technology. In 1994 he launched his career into computer systems and software support services.

Many years later, his passion continues to flourish with a desire to create exciting interactive website designs that inspire its visitors.

"Seeing a new business thrive is the ultimate feeling of success! There's nothing like exceeding a customer’s expectations and delivering exceptional results!”